»Cool Injection-Plus« ensures an optimal chip removal

A LACH innovation: »Cool Injection-Plus«

For the optimum machining of GRP, CFRP and non-ferrous metals

With this LACH innovation the coolant – emulsion, oil, MQL or for cryogenic cooling – is directed through the open cutting face of the PCD edge: directly under the chip being generated.

The system »Cool Injection-Plus« guarantees process-reliable, controlled and efficient machining.

The system »Cool Injection-Plus«

Monoblock Diamond Milling Cutter

»Cool Injection-Plus« for an even more process-reliable machining with the »dia-compact«-monoblock diamond milling cutter.

Screw-in monoblock Diamond Milling Cutter

»dia-compact«-screw-in monoblock diamond milling cutter with »Cool Injection-Plus« ensures an optimal chip removal.

High-speed machining
Optimum chip removal
Precise surface quality

»Cool Injection-Plus«

An extended overview of the LACH DIAMOND milling cutter programme with the »Cool Injection-Plus« system, please refer to our flyer and catalogue on our milling range.

Customized Solution

Our LACH DIAMOND engineers will work with you to find the diamond milling cutter with the »Cool Injection-Plus« system for your machining needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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