Diamond Spray and
Diamond Lapping Compound

The practical helpers in tool and die manufacturing

The Micro-Finishing (MF) tools – diamond spray »MF« and diamond paste »MF« are considered to be the perfect partners for lapping and polishing. While diamond spray is particularly suitable for large surfaces, diamond paste is used for the localized application.

Diamond grain out-of-the-can

Grain in µm-sizes and that in 10 different grain types.

The handling is similar to that of hairspray – even easier: The coloring shows the amount of compound sprayed and determines the following lapping and polishing process.


  • Perfectly suited for the maintenance of die moulds

In case of larger surfaces the application, dilution and also spreading of a compound can be difficult and even expensive. Here, the diamond spray »MF« can provide significant advantages: time-saving – especially when dealing with larger surfaces.

Diamond spray »MF« is a readily mixed compound in a spray can.

LACH DIAMANT spray »MF« is available in diamond grit sizes from ¼ to 90 µm.

If required, all sprays can be diluted and reactivated by using the fluid »MF«.

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Time-saving for larger surfaces
Easy dosage
10 different grit sizes suitable for your application

Diamond paste in the tube

The diamond paste »MF« is suitable for lapping and polishing in tool and die manufacturing. While diamond spray is ideal for larger surfaces, diamond paste is used for the localized and precise application. The paste is particularly suited for laboratory operation, for semiconductor and laser manufacturing.

With diamond paste »MF« lapping and polishing of precision tasks will be as easy as a cake walk.

Diamond paste »MF« is available in different concentrations and grit sizes from ¼ to 50µm.

All diamond pastes can be reactivated by means of the fluid »MF«.

You will find further information in our flyer.

Easy handling –
high removal rate
Solubility and thermal resistance
Optimized diamond concentration and grit size

Customized Solution

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