PCD for through-feed processing

PCD cutting edges increase the availability of the plant

High quantities and unmanned production increase the economic efficiency by a multiple. PCD milling cutters and hoggers – precisely adapted to every application – are important components of an efficient production.

Whether exchangeable cutting edes for diameter neutral milling or extreme cutting edge geometries for zero-joint technology. The LACH DIAMOND know-how allows the realization of even the most unusual customer requests.

High feed rates
Long tool lives
Smooth running


  • recommended for sizing at high-feed rates
  • also available as rebating hogger, folding hogger or hogging saws

Adjustable jointing cutters

  • two-piece design
  • adjustable jointing cutters
  • from ø125mm in Z6+6 version
  • suitable for all panel sizing plants
  • shear cut: suitable for zero-joint technology

Jointing cutters

  • classic version Z2+2 and Z3+3
  • for all current edge banding machines
  • cutting width up to 64mm
  • suitable for all wood materials

Edge trimming cutters

  • exchangeable cutting edges
  • constant diameter after resharpening
  • no time-consuming adjusting of axes
  • available also as profile cutter

Edge finishing

  • fixed cutting edges with resharpening zone
  • straight cutting, single profile or multi profile

Narrow edge processing

  • Rear panel groove cutter with or without chamfer
  • Groove cutters for edges or surfaces
  • Rebating: cutting edge geometry designed for tear-free edges
  • Rebating prism cutter: for refinishing visible rebated edges

Profile cutters

  • for profiling workpiece edges on panel sizing machines
  • profiling of narrow edges in solid wood
  • profiling at high-feed rates

Customized solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your request and demand.