PCD end mill

The universal diamond tool for high-precision cutting

End mills with PCD cutting edges are indispensable for the processing of highly abrasive materials like GRP, CFRP,  green ceramics, graphite and non-ferrous metals. The ultra-hard cutting edges allow delamination-free cuts with the desired level of quality.

Different versions with adapted number of teeth, cutting and axial angle and cutting edge configuration allow roughing and finishing operation. The LACH DIAMOND engineers develop PCD end mills for your specific application.

The high-quality PCD cutting edges can be reground and/or replaced in our inhouse-service.

Highest cutting quality
Maximum tool lives
Excellent price-performance ratio

PCD end mill with axis angle


The end mill type SMS with two PCD cutting edges is used for the high-end processing of all non-ferrous metals, GRP and CFRP.

Also available in the ECO version for the precise processing of green compacts, graphite, GRP and CFRP.

  • side and face cutting
  • ø3-16mm

PCD end mill with positive cutting angle

Type SMP

The positive cutting angle of the PCD end mill type SMP is suitable for the processing of sensitive and thin-walled components made of non-ferrous metals and plastics (GRP, CFRP).

  • side and face cutting
  • ø5-16mm

PCD multiple end mill with defined cuts

Type SMM

3 to 5 PCD cutting edges allow the roughing of components made of non-ferrous metals and plastics (GRP, CFRP, graphite, green ceramics).

  • side cutting
  • ø8-16mm

PCD multiple end mill for roughing

Type SMV

PCD cutting edges for roughing thin-walled components made of non-ferrous metals and plastics (GRP, CFRP).

  • side cutting
  • ø8-16mm

PCD end mill with alternated sheer cut application


The PCD end mill with shear cut application allows the high-precision edge processing of green ceramics, graphite, GRP and CFRP.

Application: roughing and finishing

  • side and face cutting
  • ø8-20mm

PCD end mill with extreme axis angles


The use of PCD cutting edges with extreme shear cut is recommended for finishing sensitive composite materials like GRP, CFRP, aluminium. The ultra-hard cutting edges allow for precise edge processing and a delamination-free cut.

  • side and face cutting
  • ø8-20mm

PCD end mill

Our catalogue on the LACH DIAMOND milling range will provide a detailed overview of the LACH DIAMOND PCD end mills.

Customized Solution

Together with you the LACH DIAMOND engineers will find the suitable PCD end mill for your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

PCD end mill Type SMS-XX