PCD and CVD wear parts

Precise manufacturing with PCD and CVD wear protection

Steady rest blocks

Wear protection components can be found in all processing steps in the production chain. They have significant influence on the quality of the products being manufactured – as for example concerning bearings of shafts in a grinding process. Furthermore, they are used in the form of probes, limit stops or other measuring units in quality assurance.

The operational behaviour of the wear protection components determines to a high extent the most important figures in a precise and efficient production chain. Consequently, the material being used for wear protection must fulfill the most exacting demands on friction and stability, respectively, must show minimum wear and a consistent abrasive wear behaviour.

Work rest blades

For some years now PCD is advancing as a material for wear protection.

This shows a significantly higher potential for a lean production chain – it becomes more efficient and precise.


To date, mainly carbide alloys have been used as materials for wear protection components. Due to the most suitable properties and their combination with regard to hardness, tenacity and workability, carbide alloys have been considered as the first choice for a long time

The highest possible hardness in combination with a minimal frictional resistance – topped with high thermal conductivity – predestine this material as excellent “wear protection”.

The tool lives compared to carbide are many times higher – often even 100 times. Time-consuming and cost-intensive change and setup of the wear protection components is no longer necessary.

Centre points

Bearing shells

In search of the last “mm”…

…PCD promises maximum precision in series production. The polished sliding and guide surfaces reduce friction and thus the process temperature. On the other hand the very high thermal conductivity of PCD allows the quick and direct dissipation of the heat generated during operation. The temperature influence on e.g. the size accuracy of the component can thus be monitored and controlled more easily.

At the same time the process and process capability (cP, cPk) are less influenced by the factor of temperature. The process owners will have one thing less to worry about, and the production process is taken to the next level of quality.

And once again PCD proves highest precision, tool life and thus maximum efficiency for the production process.

Depending on the parts, we manufacture the wear protection components also with CVD or natural diamonds.

tool lives can be increased by 
a factor of 100
highest precision for your
production process
manufacturing of wear parts
for all applications

PCD Wear Parts

An overview of the LACH DIAMOND wear protection components. 

It is of course possible to manufacture further components. Please feel free to contact us.

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