Processing of Carbon Brake Discs

The importance is safety - that is reached with PCD tools

Every part of the modern brake disc is exposed to thermal and mechanical loads, still, they have to meet the highest safety requirements. PCD tools ensure an efficient and economical machining with high process reliability in series production.   

process reliability
maximum economic efficiency

End mills with PCD cutting edges are indispensable for processing of highly abrasive materials like carbon brake discs but also GRP, CFRP, green ceramics, graphite and non-ferrous metals. The ultra-hard cutting edges allow delamination-free cuts with the desired level of quality.

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The PCD-tipped twist drill – type PS – for highly efficient series production of composite materials:
  • in only one step: drilling into the solid material – and that at high speed,
  • savings of several processing steps,
  • overall time savings of up to 75%.
Type ECO+ stands out for particularly high wear resistance – especially for processing green ceramics, green carbide and graphite.


Milling with Diamond and CBN Tools

PCD Spiral Drill

for processing composite and aluminium

dreborid® Diamond and CBN Tools 

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Custom Solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your requests and requirements.