Customized Solutions

"Special" is our daily business

Our daily focus is on tailor-made special solutions for the use of diamond and CBN tools.

The increased requirements of the industry explain the higher demand for PCD and CBN tools – also and particularly in special designs. The increasing use of highly abrasive materials in the modern manufacturing industry illustrates the fact that carbide tools quickly reach their limits: The call for more economical tool solutions is becoming louder.

For several decades diamond and CBN tools have been optimizing the production processes of numerous enterprises in different industries.

The LACH DIAMOND solutions have three decisive advantages:

  • LACH DIAMOND is specialized in diamond and CBN tools. We provide innovative tool solutions with super-hard cutting materials in the highest quality.
  • For almost 100 years, the word “diamond” has been part of our company name and for such a long time we have been handling with this material. Our engineers can draw on a long-standing know-how, handed down from generation to generation.
  • LACH DIAMANT has not only accompanied the entire development of the man-made polycrystalline diamond (PCD) but has also promoted its further development and use for industrial applications. 

Your advantage is our know-how, our passion for diamond tools and in our ability to implement innovations for your application.

Apart from providing our customers with special solutions, we advise and support them in all issues of process optimization: from engineering to the final tool application. Our inhouse and field service employees carefully discuss every inquiry with our customers and together they develop potential solution proposals. We accompany the tool construction, examine the tool’s perfection and accompany its application on site at the customer premises. We constantly expand the know-how of our employees and ensure – from start to finish – that our tool is efficiently integrated into the daily production routine of our customers.

The results are high-precision tools designed to make our customers’ production processes more efficient, economical and sustainable: higher tool life, fast and precise processing by higher feed rates, customized service and optimized machining utilisation.

Your customized solution

We look forward to receiving your inquiry in order to develop efficient solutions for your application.

For the optimization of your production processes we will be glad to provide both: support and advice.