PCD and Diamond Hollow Drills

Highly abrasive materials require innovative solutions

Only the super-hard cutting material diamond allows for high-precision processing of materials such as glassfibre-reinforced plastics, carbon fibre and all composites. Wherever the previously used solid drills reach their limits, PCD-tipped hollow drills go into action. Due to lower cutting forces and thus, minimal vibrations, it is possible to perform precise drilling operations. Especially for larger dimensions an additional significant – lightweight design is available.

minimal chip volume
tools can be resharpened,
retipped or recoated
minimal vibrations due to
low cutting forces

The hollow drill programme

The LACH DIAMOND hollow drill range consists primarily of custom-made products.

For every customer we develop an application-oriented solution and accompany the implementation process. From problem definition to the implemented solution – together, we consider every individual application as a whole, thus we are able to recommend tools and application optimizations for the entire process chain.

PCD hollow drill

  • recommended for robotic plants
  • custom-made designs
  • PCD can be resharpened and retipped

hollow drill with diamond

  • recommended for robotic plants
  • custom-made electroplated tools
  • economical alternative
  • tools can be recoated

Information on PCD tools for highly abrasive materials

Diamond tools
for composite materials

PCD tools for wind power industry
Rotorblades in perfection 

Customized Solution

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your requests and requirements.