Re-Sharpening Service for PCD tools: LACH DIAMOND‘s efficiency concept for high performance machining tools

Now of all times, a reliable and fast service is needed to minimize costs – resources must be saved, and inventories must be kept as manageable as possible. 
LACH DIAMOND has extensive know-how regarding development, production, and application of polycrystalline diamond tools since 1973. 
Today, state-of-the-art production and re-sharpening services allow LACH DIAMOND to further optimize proven tool designs and geometries for every application which subsequently results in increased durability, better surface quality and higher feed rates.
LACH DIAMOND also provides this expertise for products from other manufacturers.

The service concept includes all machining tools such as PCD-tipped inserts, end mills, monoblock milling cutters, drilling tools, reamers and similar tools; the offer also includes CBN, CVD or mono-natural diamond-tipped inserts and milling tools.
LACH DIAMOND emphasizes that this service offer also includes repair and/or re-tipping of tools and saws.
It is the top priority to make the use of high performance tools more cost efficient,
also by way of service.
More information and an individually prepared offer for service and new tools is available for your application at +1 616 698-0101 or send your email to