LACH DIAMOND expands Sharpening and Grinding Service for Diamond-wood, -plastic tools and for cutting tools for aluminum

As of now, LACH DIAMOND, well-known pioneer in the field of Diamond Tools, offers its expanded machine sharpening capacities for the sharpening service of Diamond Tools for the furniture- and composite-industry as well as for the automotive industry.

As the management emphazises, this service offer includes all Diamond Tools, independent of the respective manufacturer.

As the manufacturer of the flexible universal EDG grinding machine »Dia-2200-mini«, LACH DIAMOND offers fast, high-quality service for various tools, from diamond routerbits respectively end mills to jointing cutters with extreme axis angles, from saws to all kind of aluminum cutting tools. 

A regular pick-up and delivery service is available upon request.

Of course, LACH DIAMOND also continues to manufacture new high-quality tools according to your specifications.

More information is also available at or from or call Amber+1 616 698-0101