PCD chipbreaker »IC-plus« world’s best – process reliable turning of aluminum alloys

… so soberly it can be read in a catalogue of LACH DIAMOND, the manufacturer of diamond tooling since 1922. Today, in 2020, it is no longer a secret that with the development of polycrystalline chip breakers, which started almost 25 years ago, LACH DIAMOND has accomplished a pioneering feat which ultimately came to perfection in the type »IC-plus« world’s best. 

Attributes such as „ a quantum leap „for the process reliable turning of aluminum alloys describe the worldwide success of these PCD cutting tools holding several patents in all industrial countries. 

The PCD chip breaker »IC-plus« world’s best guarantees the process reliable turning of aluminum: from chip breaker to integrated chip grooves. just perfect – chip control without fear of damaging the surface finish achieved. These are some of the secrets of success of the »IC-plus« world’s best chip breaker. 

The manufacturer LACH DIAMOND points out that during this period outside show times a well-trained and experienced team is ready to demonstrate on site the advantages of IC-plus« world’s best to all interested parties.