PCB processing with LACH DIAMANT

In 1977, at the Productronica in Munich, LACH DIAMANT presented the first diamond tools for the economical processing of printed circuit board materials, among them LACH DIAMANT scoring saws, tools for edge bevelling and cutters for depaneling.

The developments of LACH DIAMANT tools always meet the latest requirements of the market in the growing electronic industry. Today LACH DIAMANT tools are used all over the world. Apart from the conventional diamond cutting discs with electroplated bond, the diamond saw blades, diamond profile cutters, diamond edge bevelling cutters, deep milling cutters, diamond scoring saws, depaneling cutters , in diamond and solid carbide version, the diamond edge bevelling cutters with 4 cutting edges - one cutting edge over centre - were used in the sector of multilayer PCB processing.

Scoring saws have been developed for the constantly changing types of circuit boards. The experiences gained with different cutting materials were applied with success in the development of diamond scoring saws with very different geometries. Initially the scoring were used only for conventional circuit boards, but soon the circuit board materials changed from FR2/FR4 up to aluminium circuit boards, partly with very abrasive materials.

LACH DIAMANT has successfully introduced optimized cutting edge geometries for specific applications. Customers all over the world affirm this success.

Further to the above mentioned tool ranges LACH DIAMANT has built up a special service sector for the fast-growing market. This service includes grinding, coating and erosion of diamond tools. In particular LACH DIAMANT has developed its own machines for production and service. The machines are used worldwide in support of the service.

Carbide and diamond tools for processing printed circuit boards - A success story since 1977

LACH DIAMANT depaneling cutters

For the fast-growing market of the depaneling cutters LACH DIAMANT has developed two product lines for different applications.

The LACH DIAMANT electroplated depaneling cutters are particularly suited for high demands on the cutting edge.

LACH DIAMANT solid carbide depaneling cutters are mainly used in series production. They stand out due to their higher cutting performances.

LACH DIAMANT scoring saws

LACH DIAMANT has developed a range of scoring saws for the different types of printed circuit boards, especially also for the new aluminium circuit boards. LACH DIAMANT scoring saws can be supplied with different angles varying from 25° to 90°.

LACH DIAMANT profile cutters are used for chamfering of special circuit boards with gold-plated edge connectors. The particular advantages are the excellent quality of cut and the high feed rates combined with superior tool lives which can be 25 to 30 times longer in comparison with carbide tools.