Precision-Tool-Grinding-Machines for resharpening and the manufacturing of polycrystalline turning and milling tools

The traditional Precision-Tool-Grinding Machine in the LACHDIAMOND program forresharpening and manufacturing ofsingle edge cutting tools.

The Precision-Tool-Grinding Machine is based on theexperience of LACH DIAMONDsince 1973 in the production ofpolycrystalline turning and millingtools for the grinding of PCD andCBN materials.Rugged construction and rigidity areconsidered of great importance,especially for the grinding of PCD.

Even small- and medium series canbe coped with economically, due toease of operation without expensivepreparation. The same advantage isalso true for single-pieceproduction.

The grinding of the primary cuttingedge, tip radius and secondarycutting edge is possible in oneclamping, without reference tablesor trigonometric calculations.The inclinable grinding spindleallows the grinding of conical tipradii, assuring always a constantclearance angle.The grinding spindle can be drivenwith standard regulated speeds. Ifequipped with a frequency regulator(Optional equipment) the speed isinfinitely variable from 2.000 to6.000 RPM.

Oscillation-stroke and frequency areadjustable each in position, strokelength and frequency.

The Precision-Tool-Grinding Machine can be operated fordry- as well as for wet grinding,accessories such as dust extractionunit or coolant system are available. The control of the grinding processtakes place either with a swivelingprojector with concentric circles formeasuring the radius or with amicroscope with built-in hairlineplate (each optional).In order to obtain a high grindingefficiency, the contact pressure ofthe cutting edge acting against thegrinding wheel can be adjusted,variable from 5 to 30 kp (availableas optional equipment).

LACH DIAMOND has developedgrinding wheels with bondsespecially designed for particularapplications for the PCD and CBNgrinding.The Precision-Tool-Grinding Machine can of coursealso be utilized efficiently for thegrinding of cutting tools with HSS,carbide or ceramic cutting edges.