The automatic saw sharpening machine for the complete processing of all tooth shapes - from individual manufacturing all the way to multiple manufacturing - in one clamping - for blades up to 800 mm in diameter.

The »Dia-5085-CNC« has been developed on the basis of many years of practice and experience of the tool manufacturer LACH-DIAMANT. For manufacturing and service of diamond saw blades the »Dia-5085-CNC« offers a number of avantages; the same goes for resharpening of diamond hoggers and diamond scorings saws.


  • the modern menu navigation on the monitor based on Microsoft Windows®
  • the precise 3-D calibration of individual tools or tool sets
  • the quick reclamping of diamond tools with different
  • diameters and dimensions without additional set-up
  • the ergonomic layout with the advantage of direct
  • proximity to the machine and tool
  • the high production safety by the triple safeguarded
  • fire protection system (fire warning + 2-times fire extinguishing system)

Automatic compensation of the side tolerance

Even the best saw tool body has a side tolerance. The »Dia-5085-CNC« does not try to minimize this side tolerance through clamping systems instead it simply measures the side tolerance automatically for every tooth and takes it into consideration during the sharpening operation. Consequently you can always be sure that the tooth will always be in the centreline of the tool body and the saw blade will then perfectly work.

From 0 to 100 in .... or better from Ø 80 mm to 800 mm:

From Ø 80 mm to Ø 700 mm (optional Ø 800 mm) without re-setting. With the »Dia-5085-CNC« you can change from a Ø 80 mm scoring saw for PCB industry to a Ø 700 mm saw blade in only 1 minute set-up time without any problems.

Multiple manufacturing without extra charge:

Why should you clamp only one tool on the machine if you can also prepare several tools? The extensive processing areas of the »Dia-5085- CNC« enable you to clamp up to three different (different numbers of teeth, tooth shapes and diameters!) saw blades on the machine and to have them processed automatically - without buying an additional loading system. Everything you need is already integrated in the »Dia- 5085-CNC«.

Confidence is good, control is better

You would like to manufacture saw blades with tolerances in the μ - range? So it is good that the »Dia-5085-CNC« is equipped with a separate measuring system for capturing the electrode parameters and can thus maintain constant machine parameters. The result are tools in a quality not known up to now.