The new concept for servicing diamond tools ... also a result of more than 30 years successful constructing of EDG spark erosion machines for PCD processing »Dia-2200-mini« Edition

More than 30 years after the discovery of the spark erosion by LACH-DIAMANT we have a premiere again the "mini" the great alternative to the »Dia-2100-classic« for PCD processing.

The concept of the »Dia-2200-mini« fulfills the worldwide increased and changed requirements for the service of diamond tools (PCD).

In the first place is this valid for diamond tools for the processing and machining of known wood and wood-like materials, PCB circuits board material, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

The tradition at LACH-DIAMANT started with the legendary »M-1050 automatic«, subsequently a number of special features were developed for the "mini" which facilitate an easy handling for diamond service operations.

Exemplary is:

  • the modern menu navigation on the monitor (see photo) based on Microsoft Windows®
  • the precise 3-D calibration of individual tools or tool sets
  • the simple and quick retrofitting of the machine for different tool types
  • the ergonomic layout with the advantage of direct proximity to the machine and tool
  • high production safety by the triple safeguarded fire protection system (fire warning + 2-times fire extinguishing system)
  • the compact construction of the machine has been designed with a small foot print and all aggregates are easily accessible