For all diamond tools and saws - from the universal individual manufacturing to multiple and series manufacturing

The »Dia-2100-CNC« was developed as an universal sharpening machine in order to assure the sharpening of all diamond tools on the market for the wood and plastic industry.

LACH-DIAMANT, like no other manufacturer, can point out to three decades of experience, since 1973, in the development and manufacturing of polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD).

The »Dia-2100-CNC« can easily be operated without special programming knowledge. Ideal for the diamond tool newcomer, for sharpening service or for production.

LACH-DIAMANT placed special emphasis on manufacturing high precision, long service life components and machine rigidity for 24-hour operation. In addition, LACH-DIAMANT developed simple operating instructions.

The »Dia-2100-CNC« 2003 Edition is equipped with the improved spark generator »EDGplus®«. Surface qualities of Ra = 0,2 μm and better, are obtained with copper wheels or the (simpler to operate and less expensive) electrographite wheel.

With the installed 3-D measuring system the dependability of the total concept is complete. From the initial to the final inspection, the diamond tool is monitored in the machine during the sharpening process and, if desired, the report can be printed out with the supplied printer (see illustration above).

The new »Dia-2100-CNC« 2003 Edition can be equipped with either single or multiple tools and is also suited for sharpening operation.

The »Dia-2100-CNC« is universally designed so that it is capable of all types operations regardless if they involve shear angled jointers, bits or router bits, profile tools, grooving tools, scoring tools, hoggers or saws (for examples see the right notebook).

All programmes include simple operator instructions.

Multiple manufacturing in one spindle clamping (example: hoggers illustration) or saws up to Ø 600mm, scoring tools and shear angled jointing cutters - easy processing - possible with special programmes already included in the price.

Series manufacturing and service of diamond routerbits by means of handling system »ecomat« (see illustration). This is available as an option and can be installed later. ...and all of this dependable and precise - just the proven LACH-DIAMANT machine quality.