LACH DIAMANT machines – a driving force of innovation for the next generation of PCD tools

The machine programme of LACH DIAMANT stands out due to its high flexibility, easy handling and very quick stock removal for an economical production and sharpening service of standard and special PCD tools.

Horst Lach`s discovery of spark erosion for the economical processing of polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) in 1978 represents a milestone in the history of polycrystalline cutting tools.

The electrical discharge grinding process provided for the first time the possibility of a quick, economical and high-quality grinding process of cutting edge geometry of PCD cutting tools.

In 1978, however, there were no electric discharge machine being able to fulfil the needs of a PCD tool manufacturer. At that time all wire EDM and sinking EDM machines were used for the conventional eroding of metals. The generators of these machines were not suited for the processing of PCD and caused damages to the PCD structure.

For this reason LACH DIAMANT has established its own machine construction department in order to develop an economical procedure of manufacturing polycrystalline diamond tools (especially rotating multiple-cut tools).

Today LACH DIAMANT spark erosion machines are used all over the world. LACH DIAMANT has still set itself the target to pave the way for the diamond tool to new ranges of production and countries. Therefore it is a specialty of LACH DIAMANT to help other companies worldwide to build up a sharpening service for diamond tools. This assistance goes far beyond the normal operation of a spark erosion machine for diamond tools and includes everything necessary for the service of a diamond tool (cleaning, replacement of teeth, sharpening etc.). At customer`s option LACH DIAMANT builds even a service centre ready for immediate use.


The »Dia-2100-mini« is the ideal machine for the service of diamond tools. It has been developed especially for this purpose and thus has an exceptional position on today´s market of automatic PCD tool sharpening machines. This machine enables you to sharpen and manufacture effectively diamond routerbits, jointing cutters, saw blades, hoggers or even profile tools with diameters up to 480 mm effectively more...


The »Dia-2100-Classic« is the big sister of the “mini” and permits the processing of diamond tools with diameters (according to the tool type) up to 800 mm. In addition it is possible to equip this machine with a handling system for the automatic processing of routerbits. more...


The »Dia-5085-CNC« is the ideal completion of the Dia-2100 series. This machine permits the fully automatic processing – almost without set-up times - of saw blades and hoggers with diameters up to 800 mm (according to the tool type). more...

»Dia-ToolNet« Station

All current LACH DIAMANT sharpening machines support the »Dia-ToolNet« which permits an easy exchange of tool and production parameters. The »Dia-ToolNet« station, a modern measuring device with integrated data bank server for every kind of tool data, takes centre stage in this concept. This measuring machine enables you to record data within and transfers these data to all connected sharpening machines. more...


Moreover LACH DIAMANT offers a classic manual grinding machine, the PCD series. Due to its robust design this machine is able to manufacture for example small and medium lot sizes of PCD turning tools and indexable PCD inserts in a very quick and precise way. more...

Machines for PCD processing from LACH DIAMANT - a concept for success for more than 30 years.