LACH DIAMOND presents another World Innovation at EMO
Drilling into solid Aluminum Material – Super Fast –
at highest Quality up to h6 – with spiral PCD Drill »PS-plus«

Based on the previous success of PCD drill type »PS« during burr and delamination free machining of fiber composites – also in combination with aluminum – so-called stacks components – LACH DIAMOND developed the PCD drill type »PS-plus«.

»PS-plus« drills show highest efficiency and quality for a diameter range of 2.5 up to 12 mm and time savings up to 75 %. A long tool life makes »PS-plus« drills the ideal choice for maximum machine utilization and unmanned shifts.

The trouble-free use of these PCD drills normally saves 2-3 previously necessary work steps, such as pre-drilling/drilling of pilot holes, drilling and even reaming when aiming for burr-free quality up to h6. Optimal chip removal is guaranteed via MQL or coolants. For drill diameters over 5.0 mm, »PS-plus« drills will be delivered with internal cooling.

»PS-plus« drills are designed for maximum cutting speeds and feeds and therefore guarantee shortest cycle times.

PCD drills type »PS-plus« are super fast tools for serial production and drilling into solid material, e. g. for all aluminum or die-cast housing components, extruded or drawn parts, aluminum turning parts and in general for all pinhole, thread and core drilling from 2.5 to 12 mm.

Of course »PS-plus« is also available as step drill tool.

Moreover, type »PS-plus« PCD drills are ideal for aluminum and fiber composite components in today's automobile and aircraft manufacturing industries.

More information is also available from LACH DIAMOND at EMO, hall 4, stand D41 or at